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Ghostwriting & Editing Portfolio

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I've ghostwritten and collaborated on:

  • A book on self-confidence for teens (Amazon bestseller)
  • A book on brain health (Amazon bestseller)
  • A beginner's guide to foraging mushrooms (Amazon bestseller)
  • An introduction to Kundalini energy (launching soon)
  • A book on gut health from a functional medicine perspective
  • A feminine approach to business for coaches and healers
  • A series of Amazon short reads on futurism
  • A book on Twin Flames energy (in progress)
  • A book on the healing power of crying (in progress)
  • A book on Darshan (in progress)
  • A prescriptive memoir on skipping (in progress)
  • A book on data ownership and privacy (in progress)

My work has been featured at:


Book for Beginning Mushroom Foragers
basket of mushrooms

This book makes mushroom foraging fun and worry-free by introducing novice foragers to delicious mushrooms that don't have poisonous look-alikes. Detailed descriptions help foragers find, harvest, and prepare mushrooms safely.

Amazon Bestseller 

Book on Feminine Business Leadership

juggling coachHaving grown her coaching business to six figures while mentoring numerous women entrepreneurs to pursue their passions and make a positive difference in the world, this client hired me to ghostwrite the book she had long dreamed of authoring.  I translated her course materials, workshop notes, videos, and other media into a nine-chapter book on in which she presented her unique feminine, earth-aligned and social justice-based approach to business leadership.

Book on Self-Confidence for Teens
confident teen

This life coach had learned difficult lessons during her teenage years and knew that she had a lot of wisdom to share with kids who are navigating young adulthood today. Applying psychological insights to her experiences and life lessons, I wrote an eight-chapter book on developing the confidence and courage it takes to remain true to your own values and dreams. Each chapter begins with a short, relatable story followed by real talk about the situations teens face in their daily lives, then fun exercises in which readers are encouraged to apply what they've learned­­­

This book ranks among the top 100 in three categories on Amazon.

5-star review

Nature Writing Project

This client is a coach who guides people to incorporate the wisdom of the natural world in their lives and in their business practices. She was commissioned to write a personal essay sharing some of the knowledge that she presents in her courses and in her private practice. Together we crafted a short piece in which she told her personal story, shared insights into the workings of the natural world, and provided simple exercises to help readers connect with nature.

Website Content on the Enneagram

I was commissioned to create in-depth content on each of the nine Enneagram personality types and several of the 16 Myers Briggs types for a website that publishes data on personality typing systems.

I also wrote a narrative essay illustrating personal development through knowledge of the Enneagram.

Enneagram feedback

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