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The Soul-Driven Author's Nonfiction Book Planning Guide

This 100+ page manual contains everything you need to know to start (and finish!) your book.

You will:

  • Get to know your reader
  • Develop your voice on the page
  • Choose a style and genre
  • Do fun market research
  • Choose a publishing path
  • Create a chapter-by-chapter outline

Use this guide to organize your market research, think through your publishing plan, and determine how you will guide your reader's experience of your book from one chapter to the next.

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As a ghostwriter and writing partner, Laura B. Fox has a passion for helping wise teachers and holistic healers who have a soul-driven message create books that bring their profound insights to the world. She has ghostwritten books on natural and spiritual living, holistic health, and self-confidence.

Laura believes that every person has a book in them, and many options exist for ways to get those books into the world. She has a special talent for helping authors find the right approach to creating their book, whether it’s a memoir, prescriptive book, or somewhere in between.

With an MA in Social Ecology and Anthropology and a BA in Sustainable Community Development from Prescott College, she brings a rich understanding of human and ecological interconnectedness to her writing.

Laura lives in the Okanogan Highlands of Washington State with her husband and their menagerie of goats, dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks.