You have developed a unique philosophy through years of helping people transform their lives and their communities, prefiguring better ways to relate to the Earth and each other.

You have shared your approach in a variety of ways like workshops and courses, seminars, group coaching programs...

Have you thought about writing a book?

A well-written and well-presented book can position you on the world’s largest stage, connecting potential clients and millions of readers with the powerful ideas that are yours to share.

Your message will be more accessible and affordable to seekers who might not otherwise encounter your coaching programs or courses.

Writing isn’t your thing? Maybe you don’t have the time, or arranging words on the page is not your forte.

That’s okay!

I will take your notes, videos, course contents, journal entries, interviews, verbally told stories, or whatever you've got and transform them into a well-organized book. 

Your perspective, passion, and insights will be presented in your authentic voice on the page, bringing your wisdom to the audiences you most want to reach.

Take a tour of my website while you're here, and grab some time on my calendar when you're ready to chat.