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We will follow the step-by-step book planning process I've laid out in The Soul-Driven Author's Book Planner, a workbook that you can either fill out on the screen or print out and fill in directly (spiral-bound version coming soon).

In Session One:

We will take a deep dive into who your readers are, how you will connect with them, what they will learn from you, and the transformation they will experience through reading your book. 

In Session Two:

You will take a look at the current publishing landscape and determine which path is best for you and your book--whether you pitch your book to a traditional publisher, collaborate with a hybrid publisher, explore DIY self-publishing, or hire an assisted publishing company to put your book together.

You will also explore different types of marketing strategies and decide how to make the most of the resources available to you.

In Session Three:

You will create a  structure and chapter-by-chapter outline. By the time you're done, you will know exactly what to put into your book and what to leave out, and you will have a plan for how to guide your readers through everything you have for them to experience. 

By the end of this three-session program, you will have a complete plan for your book project!

  • You will have clarity on who you are going to reach, how you are going to connect with your reader, what your message is, and how your reader will be transformed through reading your book.
  • You will know everything you need to know to decide which type of publishing route to pursue and how you will market your book.
  • You will have a structure and a detailed chapter-by-chapter outline so that you know exactly what to include in your book and where.

Let's start planning your book!

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This program is included in most ghostwriting packages.

Based on three one-hour interviews, I will gain an in-depth understanding of your message, your readers, and the goals you have for your book. I will then conduct market research and create:

  • A detailed avatar of your ideal reader
  • An analysis of the competitive landscape including a gap analysis and a list of seven titles with descriptions that you can use in your book proposal
  • Advice on pricing your book in alignment with your revenue goals.
  • My recommendation for genre, style, length, and structure
  • A basic chapter-by-chapter outline
  • A general concept for a cover design that will speak to your reader
  • A list of traditional small press and hybrid publishers likely to be interested in your book or book concept and/or a bespoke strategy for self-publishing

Purchase this package for $2997

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I ghostwrite books for coaches, healers, educators, and consultants.

As your ghostwriter, I will transform your course materials, notes, videos, journal entries, dissertations, and verbally told stories into engaging and informative works written in your voice and from your perspective.

Writing a book offers you an opportunity to deeply explore your philosophy and your message. Through articulating your ideas and methods in writing, you become clearer about who you are and what you want to convey to your readers. The clarity you achieve through the writing process will not only inform your book but can improve your coaching and teaching practices.

Writing with the help of a skilled ghostwriter can be just as powerful. It's crucial that your book accurately represents your perspective so that readers can "hear" your voice on the page.

The Ghostwriting Process

  • The first step is a complimentary discovery session in which you and I clarify your goals and vision for your book.
  • In three sessions, we will work together to complete a detailed plan for your book. You will clarify exactly who you are writing the book for, what your readers will gain from it, and how you will publish and market it. You will have a full chapter-by-chapter outline that you can use to begin writing the book.
  • If you decide to move forward with me as your scribe, the next step is to begin interviewing and writing! This is a close collaboration. We will conduct an hour-long interview for each chapter, and I will incorporate your feedback as I revise each chapter draft.
  • When the manuscript is complete, I will refer you to an editor who will help you prepare your manuscript for either self-publication or submission to a publishing house.

Rates and Timelines

  • My rate is $1500 per chapter (includes two hours of interviewing and two hours of research) + a base rate of $3000 per book project (includes extensive planning process). Each chapter is typically between 3,000 and 5,000 words or 10 to 15 printed pages.
  • Depending on your availability for this collaborative process, a chapter is usually completed in two weeks.

    Please note that these timelines are estimates. Your timeline will likely be shorter (and your rate lower) if you have already written up a substantial amount of content for your book. If you need me to do extensive research, the process may take longer.


I would love to hear about your project!

Let's chat!

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The act of writing itself is solitary, but you don't have to go it alone! Let's meet every week to celebrate what you've accomplished so far and map out where you're going next. 

$150 for each one-off session or weekly sessions for $500 per month.

Your first session is only $49! 
Use coupon code YAYBOOKS

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Our collaboration begins with crafting a clear, detailed plan for writing, publishing, and promoting your book. As you bring your ideas to life in the first drafts, I'm here to refine your words, ensuring they have clarity and impact while preserving your unique voice. Beyond editing, I provide ongoing guidance and encouragement to keep you focused and on track toward your publishing goals. We establish a weekly meeting time that you can use whenever you need it. $2,000 per month.

Is this the path for you? Let's meet and discuss!

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This service is available to you if you have already completed the first draft of your book and it needs substantial rewriting and/or restructuring.

You've poured your soul into every word of your manuscript. Now, let me help you refine and structure it to ensure it clearly reflects the essence of your vision and speaks directly to the hearts of your readers.

Rates are typically $2,000 to $5,000.

Book Your Visioning Call

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Work closely with a dedicated team of editors and designers to bring your book to life.

Open Spiral publishes books that offer new insights into our individual and shared human potential, empowering readers to navigate our changing world with creativity, compassion, and grace. 

Learn more about Open Spiral and get in touch!

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